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Decision Making and Leadership...

New Vision UCC is a self-governing church within the United Church of Christ. That means we, the members of the church, make all decisions about how our church worships, learns, and serves.  We choose our own pastor.  We elect our own leaders.  We decide how we spend our money and who our outreach partners are.  We make our own decisions about what we believe.  We make our own decisions about how we practice following Jesus.  No one outside our local church can order us to believe or do something.  We do not have a bishop or a pope.

This way of being Christian gives our church and its members a great deal of freedom in matters of faith and action.  This is a distinctive aspect of the United Church of Christ.

People who are part of New Vision UCC are not “required” to believe something they simply cannot believe.

The church members meet regularly to make the most important decisions.  The church members elect a Church Council to discuss issues and make decisions between congregational meetings.  The Council also decides what decisions should go to the whole church.

2016 Church Council members:

Mark Carter

Severance Dolan

Lynn Haskell, moderator  about Lynn

Joyce Mann

Jim Peck

Rosie Potestio moderator  about rosie

Feline Sampley

Margaret VanLaanMartin, moderator  about margaret


What members say

“Very open and affirming, accepts me for who I am"

— Mark Carter


"I like going to a church where everyone knows my name"

— Eric Matlock


"What I like most about my church is that it is truly open to everyone."

— Mark Jensen


“I have been attending for 12 years and especially like the fact that my church is inclusive of all people."

— Lorna Jenson


“New Vision is really friendly. I wouldn’t think of going any place else."

— Mary Patton, member since 1988


You won't find glitz, and you won't find glamour. You will find people of all walks of life happy to embrace whoever you are on what ever journey you are on.

— Melisa Lasell


New Vision UCC really does have a new vision about what church is today in this time and place. Whether we are present to it or not, we all have a relationship to God. You do not have to believe anything to attend this church. It is simply a safe place to explore your own beliefs and strive to grow closer to God, however you know him/her to be.

Where else do you journey together with a group of people striving to know their creator?

— Lynn Haskell