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We are a community of faithful followers of Jesus.


We gather by choice, yet we believe God has brought us together.  No one makes us be part of New Vision Church.  We are gathered in Covenant, an agreement we make with God and each other to be a church.  Covenant

We are individuals, each with our own stories, our own questions, our own joys, and our own personalities.  We expect people to be themselves, and we hope people will become better selves by being part of New Vision Church.

We are a community, looking out for each other’s well-being, listening to and respecting each other’s stories, sharing tasks with one another, and having a shared mission and purpose as New Vision Church.  Mission Statement

We are Christians. We are followers of Jesus.  In the unfolding story of his life, recorded in the Bible, we see a way of living that turns us from ourselves and our own needs to others and their needs.  We look first to Jesus to guide our understanding about how to live in the world.  Our Vision Statement describes what we have learned from looking to Jesus.

We know that sometimes, in history and today, Christians have inflicted pain and suffering on people, even other Christians.  Frankly, we are embarrassed, ashamed, and often angry when Christians hurt people with the Bible or with the words and teachings of Jesus.

Please forgive us if you have been hurt by Christians.  We would welcome the opportunity to open our hearts to you.  Pastor Jim would be glad to hear your story and help you see God, Jesus, and followers of Jesus fresh.  His confidential email is revchicoucc@gmail.com.

  • Our Covenant, Vision, Mission, and Statement of Faith.

    What binds us together as a faith community;


    Having experienced the forgiveness, grace, and love of God made known to us in Jesus Christ, we covenant with God and with one another to journey together under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, growing in our relationship to God and to each other through worship, prayer, fellowship, study, generosity, and service.

    What guides our work in the world.


    We are Christians.  We are followers of Jesus.  In the unfolding story of his life, recorded in the Bible, we see a way of living that turns us away from ourselves and our needs to others and their needs.

    We believe the world is not all it can be an needs to be changed.

    • We believe God’s vision for the world is one where justice flows down like waters, where forgiveness is freely given and received,
    • where all people are treated with dignity and respect as ones loved by God,
    • where creation is cared for as a precious gift, where people are more important than things,
    • where diligence in peacemaking is blessed and revered, and
    • where kindness, compassion, and love guide all our dealings with one another.

    As a community striving to listen to the still-speaking God, we affirm that living according to the teachings of Jesus has transformative power for our own lives and the world we live in.

    What we hope to accomplish.


    The mission of this church is to empower our members, friends, and participants to make God’s vision a reality in our time and place in the world.


    What testimony we give about what we believe.

    The church adopts as its own the Statement of Faith of the United Church of Christ.

    The Statement of Faith of the United Church of Christ

    We believe in you, O God, Eternal Spirit

    God of our Savior Jesus Christ and our God, and to your deeds we testify:

    You call the worlds into being, create persons in your own image, and set before each one the ways of life and death.

    You seek in holy love to save all people from aimlessness and sin.

    You judge people and nations by your righteous will declared through prophets and apostles.

    In Jesus Christ, the man of Nazareth, our crucified and risen Savior, you have come to us and shared our common lot, conquering sin and death and reconciling the world to yourself.

    You bestow upon us your Holy Spirit, creating and renewing the church of Jesus Christ, binding in covenant faithful people of all age  tongues, and races.

    You call us into your church to accept the cost and joy of discipleship, to be your servants in the service of others, to proclaim the gospel to all the world and resist the powers of evil, to share in Christ’s baptism and eat at his table, to join him in his passion and victory.

    You promise to all who trust you forgiveness of sins and fullness of grace, courage in the struggle for justice and peace, your presence in trial and rejoicing, and eternal life in your realm which has no end.

    Blessing and honor, glory and power be unto you.  Amen.

    As we are a church that values freedom of thought and conviction in matters of faith, the Statement of Faith is embraced as a testimony of our faith. No member, friend, or participant shall be required to give consent to the Statement of Faith, or any part of it, if in good conscience they cannot.

We are open and affirming.

If you are a gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered person, you are welcome here.  For that matter, if you are a straight person, you are welcome here. 

That’s the basic meaning of Open and Affirming.  It means that we openly affirm that every person, regardless of his or her sexual orientation or sexual identity, is a beloved child of God.  It means we are joyfully serious about welcoming all persons into the life of our church.

We know that the Christian church has excluded people for all sorts of reasons.  Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered persons have been especially excluded from the church.  We believe Jesus taught all are welcome in the community that is trying to follow him and his teachings.

We do not exclude people God wants to include.

We mean it.  Our church rejoiced when marriage equality for same-gender couples became the law of the nation by a decision of the United States Supreme Court.  Our pastor presided at the community celebration of that decision. He has presided at weddings for same-gender couples.

GLBT persons hold leadership positions in our church.  We have made our building available for local GLBT organizations.  We continue to work for full equality for GLBT persons in all areas of the community.

Here’s the statement of our Commitment to Inclusiveness.  It is part of our church Constitution, the official governing document of the church.  The congregation, not just the pastor or other leaders, voted to approve this statement in 1995.  It can be changed only by a vote of the congregation.  We were the 244th church in the UCC to become Open and Affirming.  Now, there are over 1,000!

“Jesus said, “This is a commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you” (John 15: 12).  We know that Jesus welcomed and included those whom others rejected.  This kind of love is commanded.  It is not a feeling, but rather an attitude that can be cultivated and acted upon.  We welcome all people into our church.  The choice of who belongs to God’s household is not our choosing.  Jesus said in John 15:16, “You did not choose me, but I chose you.”

In response to Christ’s teaching, be it resolved that New Vision Congregational United Church of Christ welcomes and accepts people of all sexual orientations, races, genders, gender identities, nationalities, economic standings, marital status, family configurations, ages, mental abilities, and physical abilities.  We cherish all people as children of God.